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A Day in the Life of a Model + Fashion Student details

Do you want to know all the details about how is to work in the fashion industry? Or you want a future in fashion? You’ve come to the right place because below I’ll give you all the details that you need.

Because I in the second year extra activities were a must for me because I wanted to get as much information and I make more knowledge when it comes to fashion. It all started in December when I was selected to work as a model for fittings of the third year students.


All this activity was in exchange for two extra credits (all students need at least 8 extra credits for the license). Everything was perfect, we had the first meeting with one of the coordinators, they measured us and after all they said will contact us when we’ll have fittings. In January / February, I had only three, but April was an avalanche I can say. It was a super busy period because everything started in the morning at 9 and ends somewhere 6-7 pm where there was a break of 30 minutes or 1h depends on the teacher.

After this period I met new people, have gained new knowledge, ideas from which I could inspire ( we are talking about fashion students creations ) after all, it came to the opportunities that I was waiting for a long time. I started getting a lot of inquiries as a model for the final outfits. For me, it was and still, it is a great joy having the opportunity to share you all the backstage details and my experience like a model.

What does it mean to be a model?

Until this moment I have some photo shooting but I couldn’t say that I am a model. Being a model is a very difficult job even the outside work seem quite simple. It starts with location, if you are lucky to work in a photo studio you can be convinced that there will be everything required to feel comfortable with the clothes that you wear. I had the opportunity to wear outfits for autumn/winter at a temperature of 30 degrees. You can not imagine what it means to spend 5-6 hours standing, changing outfit, and with the sun stuck on you. It should think that there is the possibility that pictures will not be like their expectations so everything is repeated until the stylist and designer are satisfied.



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