Whether you remember these trends of the old days, if you are younger (as I am after ’90) and you want to experience life as in the 80s, let’s travel together, with nostalgia, fun and enjoy it with some good fashion.

The period between 1980 and 1989 called “excesses decade” was all about color, size, and experimentation. Garments were made of shiny spandex or lurex in a wide range of bright colors coming out easily out.

To know how was the fashion take a look at artists in the music world, the celebrities of that period, or in major magazines around the world promoting the simple costumes, brightly colored, in straight lines, glittering dresses, miniskirts by leather and denim, blouses fallen shoulders,oversize sweaters with leggings, tights worn with knitted sweaters XXL, boots over the knee, always present fishnet tights, massive necklaces, rings on every finger, Aviator Ray Ban glasses and Wayfarer and denim jeans with high waist, they become more desirable by women, all this was a must-have of the time.

Many of the biggest fashion trends of the ’80s were unisex: men trousers, very loose pants or ripped jeans, prewashed jackets and Converse sneakers and the most liked accessory a massive gold necklace.

As you can see you have a whole range of options to get inspired to return the ’80s vibe, you can find specific items and plenty of ways to highlight your personal style.


Personally, I am in love with that period because the femininity was in the middle of attention through the simplicity and attitude. Fashion is style and style is aptitude, attitude, and confidence. During the ’80s it was defined by women’s confidence that the attitude expressed through shapes and volumes.

What changes we have in the ’80s?

The 80’s marked the fashion world through a radical change. From elegant dresses, class and aristocracy attitude, fashion changed thus addressing like example outfits consisting of shirts, male jackets, and silk shirt, sweaters, all in combination with known denim jeans. As a lover of ’80s style, I thought to adopt an outfit from that period, but with the influence of our days.

This outfit is classic and simple at first glance, because it is composed of a pair of denim jeans high waist Levis (I recommend this high waist model when it comes to denim jeans, because these classic designs are trendy and make a uniform body), a black sweater with white stars, a small symbol of the winter season. To accessorize it I used a pair of boots purchased from Stradivarius, French beret from Mango and a pair of glasses which I am in love and I bought them from a vintage store because I liked them a lot for the model and quality.

With this outfit I feel really good, I chose something that would represent me, and for me, this is the most important thing. I could never approach an outfit that does not represent me because I would not be “me” in my skin.

You can see even in online the avalanche of the old trends that we are assaulted and I am super excited and do you wanna know why? Because of mother and grandmother’s wardrobe, now it is very useful to me. May joke, more seriously, do not hesitate to discover cool stuff from the ’80s-’90s persons who lived in those times. So take out of their closet the  leather jackets, miniskirt is the “queen” 80s, then you have free to big accessories, pants with pleats, male jackets of which we can see silk shirt, worn tights with knitted sweaters, jackets with oversized shoulders, worn clothing bigger than your size, oversized sweaters and tights are elevated to art, over the knee boots, sneakers, boots or boots with heels.


You know the fashion secret, which many of us ignore it?

Well, fashion is a risk, but if you know how to interpret the style is quite possible to draw without looking like you go to a party in the club, in the sports suit. Knowing of a full range of available options, you can make outfits that fashion presents, there are many creative ideas for free, just to be able to create your own outfits, all of this just to enjoy and feel confident with yourself.

Because we are still in the “white” period of the year, I thought that in the next article to introduce a winter outfit with minimalist trends, totally my style.

Forget that I missed and I said what I will present in my next article, though I decided not to announce, but to impress. So then, even the rules can be broken, because we live in a free country, right?