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5 Must-Have Items That Can’t Miss From Your Wardrobe

We all know very well that some clothing items will never be out of trend, and these items are a must-have in your wardrobe. Today I’m presenting these clothing items together with some simple ideas.

  1. Black leather jacket

A leather jacket can help you in any crisis (when you really can’t figure out what you’ll be wearing). It can be easily accessorized, and it can be worn with a dress, a skirt, or even a pair of jeans.

  1. Trench

A black, navy or even beige trench comes in handy when we talk about a business meeting, a night out, a walk, or even a romantic dinner with your partner. Due to its structure, a trench can be easily matched to an elegant outfit or even a casual one.

  1. White shirt

When we talk about must-have clothing items, a simple white shirt is what we really need. Because it can easily be accessorized and matched, it offers a simple clean minimalist effect to the outfit.

  1. Oversized sweater

An oversized sweater is a perfect choice for this autumn-winter period. Apart from wearing it with jeans, you can also wear it as a dress, combined with boots and a coat. Its oversize offers you the possibility to play with this clothing item in different combinations.

  1. Timberland boots

If you love the casual style, or streetwear, or even the comfy style, a pair of Timberland boots is the best choice. No matter what event you are going to, your style will turn heads. They are perfect in any combination: with a skirt, with jeans or even with a long or a short dress.

Next time I’ll be presenting you the new trends for Spring/Summer 2019. I’ll be talking about colors, fabrics, and forms. I wish you a lot of inspiration!

Source: Pinterest

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga