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  • II – SPRING/ SUMMER 2019 – Shapes and Fabrics

II – SPRING/ SUMMER 2019 – Shapes and Fabrics

If in the last article I discussed colors and patterns that are perfect for Spring/Summer 2019, today I’ll talk about shapes and fabrics that are appropriate for a bold and trendy look.


Dare with an extravagant “SHAPE”

Fringes – It looks like this year fringes have become a must-have, due to the boho effect that they offer in an outfit.

Bermuda style – The 80s are returning forcefully, and the Bermuda style pants are a very trendy element nowadays. Bermuda style pants are used in different contexts by bloggers and people from the fashion industry.

Large shoulders – Rigid masculine suit jackets and oversized jackets maintain their very important position in the designers’ creations. What do you think about them?

Colorful materials, perfect for a bold personality

Animal print – It looks like the animal print fabric is BACK for Spring/Summer 2019. This fabric can be easily matched in elegant outfits for a sophisticated look, but also in very urban street wear.

Metallic – The metallic effect offered by some silver fabrics is a must-have for a bold look. Silver and gold are both colors that maintain their position in the top of “most used fabrics” for spring/summer and autumn/winter collections.

Velvet – this fabric is used mostly for the autumn/winter collections, not only because it is a pretty thick fabric, but also because it offers elegance. This year, designers really wanted to be authentic and risked using this fabric for different combinations. What do you think? Is velvet a GO or a NO GO?

These are just some simple ideas that can help you create an interesting outfit. Inspire yourselves, inform yourselves, RISK! See you next week with a new article!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga

Source: Tagwalk