ANONYMOUS A/W 20 Styling by Bianca Nita

CHANG CHEN – SHAN ( Concept ):

” Living in the city, Milan, an open-air museum, the text, artworks show people the creators of the message trying to convey, while simultaneously being associated with destruction. As such, we notice there’s a group of artists is dumbly working on it.

Is it art? Is it vandalism?

It wasn’t always a subversive act. Some of it as art restoration. In this collection, by researching the messages of behind many layers and on the mottled surface we see many of them are doing the job as art restorator but without legality. I want to attach the idea to revalue those anonymous identities. ”


Fashion Designer: Chang Chen-Shan

Styling: Bianca Nita

Model: Vera Camplese

Photographer: Ali Khalife

MUA: Bianca Nita

Consultant: Mariangela Mineo

Editing: Ilaria Lo Mauro